GH Group - Development

Our “Development” department at the heart of GH Group is in charge of the creation and the management of sites and construction works. The department groups architects, interior designers, project managers and operational teams. The current organization allows for the simultaneous management of around thirty projects. These development projects are either a combination of retail and residential or fully residential.


Les Hauts du Vert Chasseur

Type : Apartements / Commercial units
Location: 1105 chée de Waterloo, 1180 Uccle
Delivery: March 2017

New building project, mixed use with 3 commercial units on the ground floor respectively 53, 73 and 255 m² large, 5 apartments, and one duplex. Parking space for 6 cars.

For more information contact us on 02/373 01 81


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Les terrasses de la Couronne

Type: New homes for sale
Location: Reigersvliet 17/23, 1140 Etterbeek
Delivery: October 2014

Sold Out

Creation of 6 entirely new family homes in the centre of Etterbeek with excellent accessibility to public transport, shops and the European institutions.

For more information contact us on 02/373 01 81


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Les Hauts de Saint Boniface

Type: Renovated apartments for sale
Location: Chaussée d’Ixelles 60 / 68, 1050 Ixelles
Delivery: August 2014

Sold Out

At the very heart of Ixelles this project consists of an extensively renovated building of 1406m² and 14 private units.

For more information contact us on 02/373 01 81


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L’Esplanade 2

Location: Avenue de la Gare, 7-8, 5000 Namur
Delivery: July 2016

This commercial surface across the central station of Namur will be transformed and enlarged with more than 1000m².

For more information contact us on 02/373 01 81


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Type: Renovated commercial units and apartments for rent
Location: Rue de Fer 139 / 141, 5000 Namur
Delivery: Immediate

Situated on the Rue de Fer in Namur. The project entails the demolition and reconstruction of a building with a commercial surface of 3 x 125 m² over two floors as well as three residential units.

For more information contact us on 02/373 01 81


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