GH Group

Our group has already been active for over 25 years in the domain of the valorization of properties. Throughout the years we have evolved into the experts for commercial and mixed-use real estate, the latter being a combination of commercial and residential functions. Today, a dedicated team of around 20 colleagues is continuously working on further developing and improving the return rate of our project portfolio.

We always strive for long-term value creation and establish real partnerships with the investors, developers, buyers and tenants of properties we manage.


Much in the same way as art collectors we carefully select properties which offer qualitative long term development perspectives. Our goal is not to sell buildings but above all to improve their rate of return. By using the best materials and applying the best techniques we strive for our developments to be sustainable while safeguarding the attention to detail and esthetics. We see it as our way of contributing to the improvement of commercial and residential areas at the heart of large cities and neighbourhoods.


Our activities are divided into three departments: residential, retail and development. These cover the real estate market with regards to commercial, residential, office and mixed-use projects.
The aim is to create value throughout the purchase, upgrade, redevelopment, management and sale of the real estate properties in our portfolio.

Our dedicated team of architects and technicians take the lead in the selection of subcontractors, project management, monitoring and facility management of the buildings in order for them to be expertly developed and to represent real profitability.

Where are we active?

Our properties are mostly located in large urban centres: Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Namur, … We look for locations with a large potential for the development of commercial activities. Moreover, we select areas where a healthy balance of commercial surfaces and residential units is possible. Finally, we manage a number of projects in neighbouring countries and are considering further international expansion.

Our team

Real Estate

Gérald Hibert

Baptiste Antoine
Chief Legal & Tax Officer

Stéphanie Reul
Legal Manager

Arnaud de Bergeyck
Sales Consultant

Maxime Sohr
Property Manager

Fabrice Lefèvre
Facility Manager

Margaux Vermeulen
Secretary & HR


Bruno Accou

Philippe Herbots
Treasury Manager


Arnaud de Vicq
Project Developer

François Tielve
Project Consultant


Rafaela Luc
Commercial Representative

Robert Gillerot
Commercial Representative


Rafaela Luc
Commercial Representative